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Bönnekamp SI
Rod end galvanised or stainless steel

  • Female thread: M5x0.8 - M48x2.0
  • Maintenance free - innerring brass/PTFE
  • Galvanized steel or stainless steel
Bonnekamp rod end SI

Rod End with internal thread from M5x0.8 to M48 x 2,0

Available in different sizes:

  • SI - Galvanized with bronze PTFE inlay: Suitable for dynamic loads and low speed
  • SSI - Stainless steel Teflon: For eg food and pharmaceutical industry universal (normal load) 100% stainless steel

Delivery from stock.

Material and surface treatments:

- Body: medium carbon steel 45, zinc plating; Steel ball: bearing steel GCr15 without chromium plating; Inner ring: brass H62, with PTFE;

- Body: stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316.

Steel ball: alternative bearing steel GCr15 with hard chrome plating or stainless steel 440C; Inner ring: alternative low carbon steel 20 or stainless steel 304.