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Bönnekamp A-AS Angle joint zinc plated or stainless steel

Bonnekamp ball joints A-AS
Bonnekamp kogelgewrichten compleet A-AS
  • Angle joints according DIN71802
  • Ball stud type A without spanner surface
  • Zinc plated or stainless steel



Complete program of right-angled ball joints according to DIN71802


Female thread M5 - M16.

Available in steel zinc plated, stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316.

available from stock.

Complete inclusive:

  • ball stud (DIN71803) - type A / AS: without spanner surface.
  • ball socket (DIN71805) - without safety clip (type A) and with safety clip (type AS).

The ball socket and ball stud can be delivered seperately as well.

  • Ball joints and Ball sockets :