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Bönnekamp | Distribution Europe | 01.10.2020

Datum: 1 october 2020


Since 2017 ATB Automation owns Bönnekamp. With the development of various documentation and sales support tools, the Bönnekamp delivery program is complete. Clevises, rod ends and ball joints: 945 different products with a stock volume of> 800,000 pieces!

2017 was the start of successful growth in the Benelux, which has resulted in Bönnekamp products being available in Europe from October 1, 2020!

A new website has been developed to enable sales in Europe. www.bonnekamp.eu.com

The website is available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Polish, German, French and Dutch. All documentation is available digitally on the website, as well as all necessary contact information. The dealer network is under development, finally all European countries will be represented. In addition, all distribution partners in Europe have a stock, which reflects the market needs in Europe. These stocks are constantly evolving. The aim is for “Next day delivery in Europe”.

Especially for the OEM industry and larger volumes, it is possible to act entirely according to the wishes of the customer. Production can be done according to drawing. All possible tests can be performed, such as tensile strengths as well as salt spray tests, including reporting. In addition, Bönnekamp has custom ERP in which packaging materials and packaging quantities can be recorded on customer specification. Thanks to a flexible stock analysis system, delivery reliability for just-in-time management results in the highest possible score 100%!

Bönnekamp has been supplying high-quality mechanical components for more than 30 years. Hassle-free and of consistent quality. Long-term relationships with suppliers from Asia are the basis here. All certified in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO / TS16949 and even IATF 16949-2016, which is necessary for the automotive industry. Quality checks are carried out three times a year by ATB Automation in Asia at the contracted producing factories. The production process is completely under control and constantly generates high-quality components. ATB Automation explicitly distinguishes itself in the market as a leading niche supplier of rod ends, clevises and ball joints.

With the new website www.bonnekamp.eu.com and Bönnekamp Europe starting on 01.10.2020, another milestone is being created in the history of Bönnekamp.